Thursday, March 6, 2014

London Photography

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

HOLIDAY SALE - Fine Art Photography - Photo Gifts - Home Decor

The HOLIDAY SALE now live in my shop - The Last Sparrow on Etsy.
Shop with a 10% off photo products - iphone cases, photo pillows and pillow covers;
and 25% off all photo prints.
Get yourself and the people you love beautiful original art pieces for the holidays.

Today is also Small Business Saturday! Shop Small and support small businesses.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!



Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Welcome to the brand new blog, dedicated to my newest Etsy shop for fine art photography for home decor and photo gifts -

You may know my first and biggest shop on etsy I recently made some changes to my name, decided to divide my work properly and not have everything in one place. Change is a good thing! I have opened new shops and am in the process of creating new websites, facebook and twitter pages and blogs for the different types of my work. Violet D'Art will be retired very soon, for good. The shop will close at the end of December, so you can still shop there. Everything will be on SALE till the end.

The Last Sparrow will have a lot of my home decor photos you know from the other shops, but it will also feature new products, such as iPhone, iPod and Samsung Galaxy cases, Throw Pillows and Photo Pillow Cases. I also will be adding, for the first time ever- framed art and canvas wraps.

You will also notice a change in my policies regarding shipping.

Some stress-related health issues that I have had this year, and am still recovering from were good in a way that have opened my eyes to new ways of doing my job. Which I like the best. And you will too. So from now on I will be working with US based well known and highly respected professional labs, to give you products of highest quality. It will also be cost and time saving.

I wanted to navigate this energy and time I have spent doing Everything by myself in my job into actually creating and designing. Up until now I have printed the smaller sizes in my home studio and ordered the bigger prints from a local photo lab. That meant dealing with absolutely everything from creating the piece, working on the shops, working on marketing, as well as preparing the orders, packaging, waiting, queuing in the post office, stressing over quality, because even though was happy with the photo lab I was using it was not always great as I can not count how many times I was sent a large size photo that was not folded properly or had marks, etc, and I had to spend money, out of my own pocket, for new ones. I am living outside US so it has been a little harder and you used to wait longer than normal. And waiting sucks, I know. And there was of course the 'not-at-all' nerve-wrecking experience of worrying when and if your order will get to you and in what kind of condition.
My other photography work and projects started suffering from this. Most artists work with galleries who do the printing and shipping and it was about time I joined the club. Working this way also means that I will be able to offer you a wider range of products as the labs are in the States.

I have decided to use the high-quality services of Fine Art America for the prints and canvases, which will be shipped directly from their labs. They ship via FedEx and UPS, that's why you will notice shipping cost is slightly higher. This is why I have adjusted the prices of the prints accordingly, so you won't be spending more money.

The other products will be produced and shipped from Society6. They ship via USPS.

As an artist the most important thing for me is to create art. I am also doing the designs and all the marketing. And I want to be 100% sure that you get my art in the highest possible quality and are happy with your purchase. One that you will love and cherish.

So, in conclusion.. I am excited to finally have the opportunity to work as an artist full time, and spending more time in my shops taking care of the products, than unnecessarily spending time and energy on resending photos and spending hours in the post office. And now you will be able to own more products with my art.

I am ending this looong post now leaving you once again the link to my new shop. Come hang with me here

Holiday SALE is starting in the next days, so be sure to follow for announcements!